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1. What kinds of certification do you conform to?

- Our rubber thread conforms to the test done by Oeko-Tek Standard 100, Class I.  For validity check, please visit website and search with Certification No. 06.PE.43060.

- Our Quality System conforms to ISO 9001 : 2008, the latest new version.  Certified by

- Our rubber thread is selected as the product of Thailand’s Brand, by the Department of Export Promotion, Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.

2. What standard packing do you provide?

- We emphasize on maximizing advantage of our customers.  Therefore, our packages are designed to appropriate size for best usage in end-users’ facility as well to optimize the loading quantity in the container, to most give as least cost of import shipping & handling expenses, for both with and without pallet pack.

3. Why do you claim your Silicone rubber thread having better quality benchmark?

- From long experiences and expertise, we are well aware of the major problem which end-users having when using silicone coated thread.  Such major problem called “Caking”, hence, we have developed exclusive technology to resolve the caking problem while still maintaining good characteristic of silicone rubber thread which does not create any crust or dusty powder onto any part of our customers’ machines.

4. How variety of gauge do you supply?

- We can supply all gauges commencing coarse count up to fine count in white and black colors.
Subject to some specific quantity, we are able to supply based on customized specification of our customers.

5. Can your rubber thread be used in baby products?

- Absolutely yes.  Based on Oeko-Tek Standard 100, Class I, both of HV Fila’s typical talcum coated and powder-less silicone coated rubber threads can be used in all types of accessories, elastics in baby products.

6. How is rubber thread indemnifying to lighten global warming?

- Unlike those called spandex or synthetic thread which 100% produced from non-natural raw material, but majority of raw material of natural rubber thread production is from natural latex.  Thus, you are proudly claimed yourselves to lighten global warming crisis.

7. How fast is your delivery?

- The lead time required is usually around 20-30 days after your order is confirmed by any mode of payment copy.  Somehow, the delivery is promptly made based on there is available of items.

8. Is your wooden pallet compiled to ISPM (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures)?

- Certainly is.  All our wooden pallets quarantined and certified based on IPPC rules & regulation as well imprinted IPPC mark on every wooden pallet.  All customers are fully assured the wooden pallets are free from pest-risk.




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