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Company Profile  
    H.V.FILA CO., LTD.was incorporated under H.V.GROUP OF COMPANIES,
a well established large scale organization over 30 years in manufacturing industry.
The company is owned by an established Thai professionals who do not have only
vision but also strong ambition as the leader to innovatively develop with sustainable
growth in manufacturing Extruded Natural Rubber Threads, round section.

Despite the fact that The Government of Thailand have been emphasizing and
promoting the cultivation of natural rubber plantation over long years through their
National Development of Economic Program, the main theme is to lead Thailand as
the biggest source of fine quality of natural rubber & latex. With the advantage to obtain
main raw material domestically, H.V.FILA was existed with strong support by
the government to produce value-added rubber threads.

Under the keen management of key people in both production and marketing fields
over two decades, it is the-state-of-the-art to produce natural rubber threads with
its machineries, equipments and know-how uniquely for finest quality paralleling itself
to those other keen producers.

H.V.FILA has strong objective and clear mission to be the leader in manufacturing
and selling natural rubber threads. Ensuring by its present large scale capacity,
continual expansion is being projected to fully enabling the supply of both typical
TALC coated & Powder-free SILICONE coated.

The dedication through its high technological machineries, the effective and
efficient supply chain management, the quality system certified with ISO 9001:2008 and
the environmental-friendly Oeko-Tek 100 Class I (for baby product) certification,
H.V. FILA’s natural rubber threads is well accepted as fine quality, prompt delivery and reasonable price which guaranteed by the fast and constant growth after short operation.


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